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The Louisiana Purchase Crossword Puzzle

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The Louisiana Purchase

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Across Down
3 Lewis and Clark kept a _______ of their voyage and made notes in it of what they saw and did.
5 Amount in millions of dollars U.S. paid for the Louisiana Territory.
14 Lewis and Clark expedition started from this city, where Missouri and Mississippi Rivers meet.
15 Congress was interested in the Louisiana Territory for its natural __________.
17 Mountain range separating original 13 colonies from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Northwest Territory.
18 Jefferson was interested in exploring the Louisiana Territory as a ________ venture.
20 Americans during early 1800s moved west in search of ____ and adventure.
21 Political party that was against purchasing the Louisiana Territory.
24 Lewis and Clark's journey provided this for people eager to move west.
26 City in New Jersey where Burr and Hamilton held their famous duel.
28 Pike's expedition gave detailed description of these plains.
29 Port city Spanish closed to Americans in 1802.
33 Federalists in Massachusetts threatened to _______ (withdraw) from the U.S.
34 Last name of explorer who led two expeditions to explore the upper Mississippi and Colorado Rivers.
35 Last name of President Jefferson's private secretary.
36 Branch of U.S. legislature that gave approval in 1803 to purchase Louisiana Territory.
1 Land west of the Mississippi River belonged to this country in 1800.
2 Female guide for Lewis and Clark during their expedition.
4 Geographical barrier (mountains) Lewis and Clark crossed to reach Pacific Ocean.
6 Leader of rebels who forced the French out of Santo Domingo.
7 Louisiana Territory did this to the size of the United States.
8 Attached to the side of the wagon that held spare parts for needed repairs.
9 Most of pioneers moving west in early 1800s were _________.
10 River that flowed through Louisiana Territory in present day Kansas.
11 Vital possession pioneers needed for hunting.
12 Spanish gave this territory to the French in 1802.
13 Last name of man Federalist supported for governor of New York.
16 Revolt in this Carribbean city ended Napoleons dream of a Western empire.
19 Last name of man who had a servant named York.
22 Northern region between Rocky Mountains and Pacific Ocean was known as _________.
23 President Jefferson convinced them (U.S. Legislature) to sponsor an expedition of the new territory.
25 Pioneers needed this vital possession for clearing the land.
27 Last name of man nominated by Republicans in 1804 to be Jefferson's vice president.
29 First name of little general leader of France in 1802.
30 Sturdy vehicles topped with white canvas that pioneers used to travel west.
31 Confederacy plan that failed after Aaron Burr killed Alexander Hamilton.
32 Body of water on the west coast that Lewis and Clark reached after 18 months.
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