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The Messiah And The Hebrews Crossword Puzzle

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The Messiah and the Hebrews

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Across Down
1 Human woman who gave a human body to God / Jesus.
4 Only the ____________ or a deacon can read the Gospel at Mass.
6 The Name given to the Messiah by His mother when He was born.
7 Hometown of Jesus' mother.
9 Prayer also known as 'The Our Father'.
10 A student or follower.
11 Another title given to the Messiah that means 'Annointed One'.
12 The church that compiled / put together the books of the NT.
13 The Apostles actually argued about who would be the first OR ______________.
14 Jesus is truly _ _ _ who came to Earth in human flesh.
16 All 400 of these messengers from God were killed by the Hebrews.
18 We pray for two kinds of 'daily _________' in the Our Father.
19 Jesus told the Apostles and Disciples that he would be ______________.
21 Reading at Mass that used to be sung or prayed in ancient Hebrew worship.
1 The savior God promissed to Hebrews.
2 Specially-chosen by Jesus, they would become the first 12 bishops of Jesus' Church.
3 The _____ testament is the smaller part of the Bible.
5 John was called this because he baptised Jesus.
8 This word actually means 'Covenant' and is stronger than a contract.
11 The example Jesus gave to the Apostles and us about being the 'first' in His kingdom.
15 Cousin of Jesus who was the last of the OT prophets.
17 The special people God chose to prepare for His coming in the person of Jesus.
20 The _____ Testament is the largest part of the Bible.
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