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The New Frontier Crossword Puzzle

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The New Frontier

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Across Down
1 The 1960 presidential election centered on the economy and the _________________.
10 President Kennedy was the first to broadcast his _____________________ live on television.
12 _____________________ means that the law may not treat individuals unfairly, arbitrarily, or unreasonably, and that courts must follow proper procedures and rules when trying cases.
16 The case of ____________________ determined that segregation in public schools is unconstitutional.
17 The case of ____________________ determined that state-mandated prayer in public schools is banned.
20 The case of ____________________ determined that states may not ban interracial marriage.
21 President Kennedy wanted to provide ______________________ to the elderly.
24 The case of ____________________ determined that police must inform suspects of their rights during police arrests.
25 President Kennedy: 'Ask not what your __________________ can do for you, ask what you can do for your __________________.'
26 The way a state draws up political districts to determine the number of U.S. Representatives for their state and the size of their districts is called _________________.
29 Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Earl _______________, took an activist stance on issues.
30 During the Kennedy years, the Supreme Court took an active role in ________________.
32 News commentator Eric Sevareid said that political candidates had become packaged _________________.
2 President Kennedy helped to advance ______________________ by hiring women to prominent positions in his administration and creating the Presidential Commission on the Status of Women.
3 _________________________ was the Republican candidate for president in 1960.
4 Many ____________________ wanted to follow their own interests and blocked those of Kennedy.
5 President Kennedy said that the U.S. had a ______________________ in which our country lagged behind the Soviet Union in weaponry.
6 _________________________ was the Democratic candidate for president in 1960.
7 President Kennedy's legislative agenda for Congress and the country was called the ___________________.
8 Kennedy was the first _____________________ president of the United States.
9 President Kennedy reserved his bargaining power for those issues that were _________________.
11 The case of ____________________ determined that the accused has the right to an attorney during police questioning.
13 The most awesome Social Studies teacher in the world.
14 The Kennedy-Nixon election began the era of ____________________ debates.
15 Several _________________ companies did not agree with President Kennedy on holding down their prices and were accused of price fixing..
18 President Kennedy wanted to increase aid to _______________________.
19 To help the economy, labor leaders held off on ______________ increases.
22 The ____________________ Amendment to the Constitution gives Congress the authority to enforce voting rights.
23 ______________________ Kennedy was President Kennedy's wife.
27 President Kennedy further boosted the economy by increasing business __________________ and efficiency.
28 One economic idea that President Kennedy used that boosted the economy was the New Deal strategy of _______________ spending, which created more jobs and stimulated economic growth.
31 Many people in the U.S. liked President Kennedy's youth and _____________________.
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