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The Penn Relays Crossword Puzzle Answer

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The Penn Relays

                        P E N N     A              
                        O       J   C              
S                       L   H   A   E              
P                   A   E   U   M   W              
R         D     F   N   V   R   A   A              
I         A   T R A C K A N D F I E L D            
N   D     S     A   H   U   L   C   K              
T R I A T H L O N   O   L   E   A                  
    S           K   R   T                          
    C           L                                  
    U       P H I L A D E L P H I A                
    S           N                                  
            B   F A L S E S T A R T                
            A   I                                  
            T H E P E N N R E L A Y S              
            O   L                   T              
            N   D E C A T H L O N   E              
                      P   A       B E L L L A P    
                      R   M         P              
                      I   M         L O N G J U M P
                      L   E         E              
                          R         C              
                                    H I G H J U M P
                                    A             O
                                    S   B         D
                              J A V E L I N       I
                                        B         U
Across Down
2 Which University hosts the Penn Relays each year (for short)?
9 Sport featured in The Penn Relays.
11 A combined track and field event that consists of 3 different events.
12 Which city do the Penn Relays take place in?
14 To leave the starting blocks early.
15 The oldest and largest track and field competition in the United States.
17 Track and Field event that consists of 10 different events.
20 The final lap of a multi-lap race.
21 Jumping event where athletes compete for the longest jump in distance.
22 The goal is to leap over, or clear, a crossbar.
25 A track and field throwing event where a spear-like pole is thrown for distance.
1 A type of race in which the athlete must have one foot in contact with the ground at all times.
2 A track and field jumping event where a long pole is used to propel the jumper to great heights.
3 Runner Usain Bolt represents what country?
4 A full-speed run over a short distance.
5 An obstacle in a race that runners must jump over.
6 The last leg of a relay race, or the person who runs the last leg.
7 The shortest and swiftest running event.
8 Stadium where The Penn Relays is held.
10 A field event where a cylinder object is thrown.
13 The hollow tube that is passed between runners in relay races.
16 An obstacle race containing hurdles, water jumps, and other hazards.
18 Which month do The Penn Relays take place?
19 Large heavy ball connected to a handle with a long chain that is thrown for distance.
23 Where the winners of each race are recognized?
24 Common name for the number card a runner wears during a race.
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