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The Presidents: Washington TO Monroe Crossword Puzzle

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The Presidents: Washington to Monroe

Use the hints to find the correct term that fits in the puzzle.

                        1   2                                        
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    29                 30   31   32                                      
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Across Down
8 region that almost seceded
11 Unpopular decision by Thomas Jefferson to cut off trade with England and France.
13 John Adams prevented war with France in sending delegates in what is known as the ____ Affair.
14 Thomas Jefferson was a hypocrite when he purchased this land from Napoleon for $15 million.
15 no permanent alliances and no political parties
16 4/5 presidents from VA; this is what they called them
19 Democratic Republicans and ______________________.
22 precedents set by George Washington make up our
24 tax on luxury goods (Whiskey)
25 Washington agreed to create the National Bank, but compromised with Thomas Jefferson by moving this farther south
26 The Alien (and Sedition) Act changed the amount of years it took for these to become citizens.
29 American Colonization Society founded this colony in Africa
33 Alexander Hamilton wanted to establish this
35 the real author of the Monroe Doctrine; Secretary of State
36 Not allowed north of the 36th parallel (Missouri Compromise)
1 ceded to us by Spain in 1819
2 Era of Good
3 The French made us look like 'country bumpkins' when they asked us for a _________ when we asked to talk to the French minister.
4 Star Spangled
5 Thomas Jefferson's half sister, slave, and mother to his children.
6 Europe was supposed to stay out of this hemisphere
7 Native Americans who gave runaway slaves a safe haven and were given weapons by the British
9 The legacy of John Adams was adding this Executive Department.
10 In the 1800 Election, there was a transfer of power from the Federalists to the ______________________.
12 proved the opposite of the Whiskey Rebellion; weak vs. strong national government
17 Treaty signed to end war
18 Monroe
20 The number of years it took to become a citizen changed from five to _________________ years.
21 This state would enter as a slave state and Maine would enter as a free state.
23 Washington's foreign policy
27 war hero at Battle of New Orleans
28 'So help me...'
30 Thomas Jefferson disagreed with Hamilton because he was a _________ constructionist and opposed stretching the power of the National government.
31 She saved the portrait of George Washington
32 Knox, Hamilton, Jefferson, Randolph
34 War of 1812 opponent
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