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The Rainforest Crossword Puzzle

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The Rainforest

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Across Down
4 Many of the groups that have live in the rainforests have been there for _________ years.
9 The loss or destruction of trees.
10 Plants from this country's rainforest was used to treat a rare form of leukemia.
11 The rainforest plants and vegetation help to give off _________ into the atmosphere.
12 This a consequence of deforestation that can lead to many other problems such as rising sea levels and flooding.
14 Destroying rainforests can increase __________ _________.
15 43 different species of this were found on a single tree.
16 The rainforest is home to 50 million __________ people.
17 Mining companies cut down trees in search of this.
18 By absorbing light and heat, rainforests help to control the __________________.
1 This group in South America make a living by hunting, fishing, and gathering forest products.
2 The rainforest's thick vegetation helps to prevent __________.
3 This is one of the most important rainforest products.
5 Trees have been cut down to create dams so they can provide__________ __________.
6 80% of all ___________ live in tropical forests.
7 More than ________ of the earth's plants and animal species live in the rainforests.
8 1,800 species of insects were found in only 2.5 acres of forest in this country.
13 Many rainforest plants have been used to make ______________.
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