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The Republicans Take Power Crossword Puzzle

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The Republicans Take Power

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Across Down
2 Judicial branch has the duty to _________ the Constitution.
5 Supreme Court has the right to ______, or cancel, unconstitutional federal laws.
6 Jefferson believed government should conduct this every ten years.
7 Amendment that requires electors to vote for president and vice president on separate ballots.
10 Three principles the Supreme Court set in Marbury v. Madison are called _____.
12 Chief Justice John Marshall said in Marbury v. Madison that the Supreme Court had the duty to uphold the ____________.
13 Court held in Gibbons v. Ogden that federal law takes ____________ over state law in interstate transportation.
15 When a conflict arises between the Constitution and any other law, we must _______ the Constitution.
16 Election of 1800 showed that power in the U.S. could be __________ transferred even when political parties disagreed.
18 Jefferson and Burr each received 73 votes from this college in the election of 1800.
20 Last name of the Republican candidate for vice president in 1800.
23 Candidates wrote letters to whom during the campaign of 1800.
25 Jefferson reduced military expenses in order to reduce our national _______.
26 Last name of man who challenged Madison and took his case to Supreme Court.
28 French expression that means 'let the people do as they chose.'
29 Whom did Jefferson and the Republicans believe should have more power?
30 Act that was passed in 1801 by Federalist in Congress.
31 Animals that roamed freely on the muddy streets between the White House and Capitol in 1801.
32 Last name of Supreme Court Chief Justice who broadened the federal power at the expense of the states.
35 River that flows through Washington, D.C.
1 Last name of Jefferson's secretary of treasury.
3 Jefferson cut the army by this fraction when he got into office.
4 Last name of the Federalist candidate for vice president in 1800.
8 Legislative group that broke the tie between Jefferson and Burr after 35 ballots.
9 Jefferson's view was that one of the governments responsibilities was to deliver the ______.
11 Jefferson attempted to do this in his inaugural address of 1801 to the two political parties.
14 Republicans warned that the Federalist would bring this type of leader back.
17 President Adams appointed Federalist to the court to ensure that they would __________ the courts.
19 Constitution is the supreme _____ of the land.
21 Federalist described Thomas Jefferson as ___________.
22 Washington, D.C. was slowly rising from this on the Potomac River in 1801.
24 Abigail Adams described the new capital as the dirtiest _______.
27 Type of judges President Adams created to ensure the Federalists controlled the courts.
32 Last name of Jefferson's secretary of state.
33 Few people liked being in Washington in the summer because it was hot and ________.
34 Jefferson said in his inaugural address that a large federal government threatened our ________.
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