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The Restless Earth Crossword Puzzle

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The Restless Earth

                              1               2            
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Across Down
5 Magma that reaches the surface
6 A fault that moves side to side
7 Seismic wave that occurs at or near the surface of the Earth
8 The upper layer of the Earth's mantle
12 The crust on land
13 Crust that is under the ocean
15 Rocks in the uppermost layer of the mantle that are brittle and rigid
17 The division of earth into large plates of rock
22 The theory that explains how continents came to their current position
24 The point on Earth's surface directly above the hypocenter
25 When one plate sinks under another
26 The first wave that arrives after an earthquake; it can pass through solid and liquid
27 The second wave that arrives after an earthquake; can only pass through solid
28 Name of the boundary that slide past one another in opposite directions
1 Part of the mantle that is under the lithosphere and asthenosphere
2 Where two blocks of rocks are pulled apart by tension
3 Name of the boundary that moves apart and away from each other
4 Another name given to the 'Supercontinent'
6 When the crust in the ocean spreads apart and magma fills in, creating new ocean floor
9 Vibrations in the ground which result from movement along breaks in the Earth's lithosphere
10 Molten rock that is stored inside the Earth's crust
11 A thick middle layer in the solid part of Earth
14 A crack in the Earth's crust
16 A dense ball of solid iron crystals in the center of the Earth
18 A liquid core outside of the inner core
19 A rupture in the crust
20 Area in the basin of the Pacific ocean where a lot of volcanic activity and earthquakes take place
21 Waves that travel outwards in all directions during an earthquake
22 Name of the boundary where plates move close to one another and collide
23 Faults where two blocks of rock are forced together
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