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The Restless Earth Crossword Puzzle Answer

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The Restless Earth

Please Complete the Puzzle Below

              L                   M          
              I                   A          
              F                   N   R      
              T R A N S F O R M   T   E      
                  S               L   V      
              L I T H O S P H E R E   E      
                  H                   R      
                  E A R T H Q U A K E S      
                  N                   E      
                C O M P O S I T I O N        
                  P A L E O N T O L O G Y    
            T     H                 C        
D   F       W     E       D         E        
R   A     C O M P R E S S I O N     A        
I   U     O       E   U   V   O     N        
F O L D I N G         B   E   R     I        
T   T     V       G P S   R   M     C R U S T
          E           I   G   A              
      S T R A T A     D   E   L              
          G           E   N                  
          E     C     N   T                  
      T E N S I O N   C                      
          T     R   T E N                    
Across Down
4 ________ boundry, between 2 plates sliding past each other
6 Outermost, rigid layer of the Earth
7 Seismic waves are a result of
8 _________ is the chemical makeup of a rock
9 Study of fossils
15 stress when an object is squeezed
18 bending of rock layers due to stress
19 measures tectonic plate movement
20 Outermost layer of Earth
21 Layers of rock
23 stress that happens when forces stretch an object
24 There are ____ major tectonic plates
1 Rising regions of Earths crust are called _______
2 Layer that contains most of Earths mass
3 _______fault, when rocks are pushed together
5 A plastic layer of the mantle
10 This crust is thinner than continental crust
11 The Earths core has ____ parts
12 Continental _______
13 break in a body of rock
14 ________ boundry, space between 2 plates moving apart
15 ________ boundry, formed by collision of 2 plates
16 Sinking regions of the crust to lower elevation
17 _______ fault, when rocks are pulled apart
22 Center of the Earth
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