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The Self And Perception Crossword Puzzle

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The Self and Perception

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Across Down
6 (strategy) communication techniques to reinforce your positive perceptions about yourself
8 a bias that operates in the self-attribution process and lead us to take credit for the positive consequences and to deny responsibility for the negative consequences of our behaviors
9 (strategy) impression management strategies in which the person sets up obstacles to make the task impossible and thus is given an excuse for failure
10 your knowledge of who you are; of your traits, your stregths and limiations, your emotions and behaviors, your individuality- is basic to all communication
12 the process of attributing one's behavior to one or a few particular characteristics
13 (strategy) impression management strategies in which one confesses incompetence in order to have others help
14 (strategy) the manipulation of the image we present to others in interpersonal interactions so as to create the most favorable impression
16 the condition in which what comes first exerts greater influence in our perceptions than what comes later
17 the condition in which what comes last (that is, most recently) exerts greater influence in out perception than what comes first
1 the process by which you become aware of objects, events, and espically people through your senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound.
2 a statement asserting that something is true
3 a perceptual process that influences us to maintain balance among our perceptions
4 mental templates or structures that help you organize the million of items of information you come into contact with everyday as well as those you already have in your memory
5 a principle of perception, the tendency to percieve people or events that are physically close as belonging together or representing some unit
6 the processes involved in forming impressions of others
7 a principle stating that things that look alike or are similar in other ways belong together and form a unit
10 your image of who you are.
11 often-followed rule of perception:if messages or people are very different from each other, they probably don't belong together and do not constitute a set or group
15 a general idea of how an event should unfold; a rule governing the sequence of occurrences in some activity. a type of schema
18 the degree to which a speaker is perceived to be believable
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