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The Supreme Court Crossword Puzzle

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The Supreme Court

                                  2   3
        10                     11        
Across Down
4 When a court runs a part of the Judicial branch and completely separate from the military
5 A case in which someone is accused of doing something illegal
6 The ability for a court to hear a case
8 When one or more judges disagree with the majority opinion reached by the court
9 The opinion of the court
10 All courts lower than the Supreme Court
12 Used when a court gives the Supreme Court a case because they have a question on it, so then the Supreme Court can confirm the answer
13 The person who the case is brought against
1 The courtís decision in a case that is to be used as an example in future, similar cases
2 The person who brings a case against someone in court
3 A case that doesnít involve someone breaking the law
4 When one judge wishes to add to the majority opinion that was not made by the court
7 A court's list of cases
11 When someone is happy with their claim payment
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