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The Twelve Apostles Crossword Puzzle

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The Twelve Apostles

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Across Down
2 This Apostle is said to have been flayed alive, since he is usually represented by three flaying knifes.
3 This Apostle traveled far on missionary journeys in company with Simon, according to tradition, hence the ship.
6 The symbol is a book upon which rests a fish, because through the power of the gospel this Apostle became a great fisher of people.
7 The spear behind the square, shows his trade as a builder and the instrument of his death.
8 Tradition says that while this Apostle was preaching in Greece he was put to death on a cross of this type.
9 Chosen to take the place of Judas, he is symbolized by an open Bible and doucle-bladed battle ax. He is said to have been beheaded after his missionary work.
10 A cross and two loaves of bread represent this Apostle's remark when Jesus fed the multitude and his martyrdom.
11 He is symbolized by three purses referring to his original calling as a tax collector.
12 The scallop shell is the symbol of pilgrimage and stands for this Apostle's zeal and missionary spirit.
1 Represented by a saw, since it is said that his body was sawn asunder after a horrible martyrdom.
4 The crossed keys recall his confession and our Lord's gift to him of the key of the kingdom.
5 Early writers state that he once drank from a poisoned chalice and was unharmed.
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