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The Umbrella Man Crossword Puzzle Answer

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The Umbrella Man

                                          B O W  
                                          F   L  
                                          A   L  
                  S                       R   S  
                  H                     T E M P T
                  A                     I     O  
                  R                 C   T     K  
                  P           A     L   L     E  
                  N           S C R A P E     N  
                  E           S     S   D        
                  S           U     P            
                  S T A M M E R                  
                    R         E                  
                W R I N K L E                    
              S I L K               N            
                    S H E L T E R   I            
                    T               M            
                  F E A R S O M E   B E G        
                    R     T         L            
                S       W E A L T H Y            
                T         R                      
                I     M A N A G E                
                F         L                      
                F R O S T Y                      
                  O   I                          
          S H I F T   M                          
                  T   P                          
          D O D G E   E                          
                  N   R                          
Across Down
1 to move your head or the top half of your body forwards and downwards as a sign of respect or to say hello or goodbye
5 to attract somebody or make somebody want to do or have something, even if they know it is wrong
8 a situation that may lead to punishment
9 to speak with difficulty, repeating sounds or words and often stopping, before saying things correctly
11 a line or small fold in your skin, especially on your face, that forms as you get older
12 type of fedora
14 protected from bad weather
15 making people feel very frightened
17 to ask somebody for something especially in an anxious way because you want or need it very much
19 having a lot of money, possessions, etc.
20 to control or be in charge of a business, a team, an organization, land, etc.
21 unfriendly, in a way that suggests that somebody does not approve of something
24 to move, or move something, from one position or place to another
25 to move quickly and suddenly to one side in order to avoid somebody/something
2 having a way of speaking that is considered educated and correct
3 the money that you pay to travel by bus, plane, taxi, etc.
4 the ability to notice or understand things quickly or to react quickly
5 having a title such as Lord, Lady, etc.
6 to hold something tightly in your hand
7 to tell somebody that something is definitely true or is definitely going to happen, especially when they have doubts about it
10 a person who tricks or cheats people
13 with quick and easy movements
16 in a serious way that often shows that you do not approve of somebody/something; in a way that shows you expect somebody to obey you
18 difficult to bend or move
22 terrible
23 a silly and annoying smile
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