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The United States Supreme Court Crossword Puzzle

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The United States Supreme Court

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1 Who has to approve appointments of Supreme Court justices?
5 Number of principles of judicial review that Chief Justice John Marshall set forth.
7 Head of the Supreme Court is referred to as the _______ justice.
10 Supreme Court has __________ jurisdiction in only two instances.
12 Native Americans who appealed the loss of their land to the Supreme Court.
13 Who appoints Supreme Court justices?
15 Number of associate justices on the Supreme Court.
16 President __________ Supreme Court justices.
20 Judicial _________ is the power to say whether a law goes against the Constitution.
21 Last name of Supreme Court justice nominated by President Clinton on May 14, 1994.
22 Traditionally, the Court has refused to deal with ___________ questions because it believes these issues should be resolved by the other two branches.
24 Congress can get around a Supreme Court ruling by _________ a new law.
27 Congress can get around a Supreme Court ruling by _________ a constitutional amendment.
31 ________ branch has a duty to uphold the Constitution.
32 Supreme Court justices have served as __________ in lower courts.
33 Supreme Court has ______ authority in any case involving the Constitution.
34 Conflict between the Constitution and any other law, the Constitution ______.
2 Supreme Court justices have had successful careers practicing or ________ law.
3 Last name of president who refused to obey Chief Justice John Marshall's ruling.
4 Last name of chief justice who set forth principles of judicial review.
5 Agreements between the United States and other nations.
6 Last name of the first female Supreme Court justice.
8 Presidents caqn refuse to _______ Court rulings.
9 _______________ laws and actions are those that are allowed by Constitution.
11 Final interpretation of the United States Constitution is _________ to the Supreme Court.
12 Congress can get around a Supreme Court ruling by _________ the existing law.
14 Man appointed by President John Adams as a justice of the peace.
17 Main duty of justices is to _____ and rule on cases.
18 Declaring acts of Congress or executive orders unconstitutional allows the Supreme Court to ______ the actions of the legislative or executive branches of government.
19 Supreme Court justices are always _________. (Their careers)
23 Supreme Court decides the case itself and issue a __________ explanation.
25 One of three principles of judicial review says that the Constitutiion is the ________ law of the land.
26 Total number of justices on the Supreme Court.
28 Written explanation for the Court's decision is called the Court's ___________.
29 First name of the first African American Supreme Court justice.
30 If Court decides a law is unconstitutional, it has the power to _____ or cancel it.
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