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The Vietnam War Crossword Puzzle

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The Vietnam War

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Across Down
6 President Nixon’s plan to slowly take U.S. troops out of the Vietnam war.
8 president at the end of the Vietnam war and was strongly anti-Communist
10 where National guardsmen killed 4 students and injured 9 students that were protesting the Vietnam war
11 a 7,000 page document leaked to the press by Daniel Ellsberg, a Defense Department worker, in 1971. It described how the government was not fully about its intentions for the Vietnam war.
12 president at the beginning of the vietnam war
14 served as the consultant advisory to both JFK and LBJ; helped Nixon with the détente policy
15 A name President Nixon called those who supported the Vietnam war.
17 commander of the U.S. Military Assistance
19 divided Vietnam on the 17th parallel
1 Leader of the Indochinese Communist Party
2 South Vietnamese towns and cities were attacked by the Viet Cong, surprisingly, in early 1968.
3 Created in 1973, it limited the amount of troops the president could send into battle without consulting Congress first.
4 LBJ’s Secretary of Defense after Robert McNamara; agreed with Vietnam policy but believed that the war was “unwinnable.”
5 the American destroyer that a North Vietnamese patrol boat fired at
7 Congress gave Lyndon B. Johnson the powers to take “all necessary measures to repel any armed attack against the forces of the United States and to prevent further aggression.”
9 a village in northern south Vietnam where U.S. troops killed over 200 unarmed civilians in May 1968.
13 South Vietnamese Army
16 a Communist opposition group in the South
18 South Vietnam’s president
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