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The West Crossword Puzzle

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The West

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Across Down
7 A converted farm wagon
8 Snuck onto land in Oklahoma in order to claim the best land
11 Played a key role in the survival of Native Americans
13 Treaty signed in 1851 after U.S. officials gathered Plains nations together
14 Offered 160-acre plot to anyone who resided on land for 5 years
15 Leader of Nez Perces, who attempted to flee U.S. attempts to place them on a reservation
17 Last name of the Presidential candidate who was known as the 'Defender of Farmers'
18 Raided settlers' farms for livestock
19 Waited for the Oklahoma Land Rush signal
20 The Sooner State
1 Land set aside for Native Americans to live on
2 Believed they were like the Jews fleeing slavery in Egypt
3 Invented a sod-busting plow made of steel
4 Led Lakota to victory in the Battle of Little Bighorn
5 1887 law giving Native American males 160-acres to farm and set-up schools to make children more 'American'
6 Belief that it was Americans' God-given duty to colonize the American West all the way to the Pacific Ocean
9 Surface layer of earth in which the rods of grasses tangle with soil
10 McKinley believed that free coinage of what would financially ruin America
12 Apache leader captured in 1886 and sent to a reservation in Oklahoma
16 Lakota holy man and tribal chief
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