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Theories OF Personality Crossword Puzzle

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Theories of personality

Solve the following crossword

                                2             3                            
                8                                           9   10          
                  12                                       13                
                      16           17                                        
            20       21                                                      
                                            24   25                          
                26     27                                     28              
                30               31                                          
Across Down
6 Term used to describe a girlīs sense of competition with her mother.
7 Sanguine, traditionally associated with air.
8 Infent achieves gratification through oral activities.
9 The moral center of personality, containing the conscience.
11 Which learning by observing others is the focus of study.
12 3 parts of personality.
15 Fourth stage occurring during the school years in which the sexual feelings.
16 Children who were terrified of making a mess.
18 Lowereness out accessible, containing memories, information and events.
21 Part of mind that remains hidden at all times.
23 Final stage occurring during puberty to death in which sexual stage began.
27 The fourth traditional perspective in the study of personality are the psychodynamic.
30 Where awareness ex is.
1 Associated with haten people tend to be in award.
2 Value judgement made about a personīs morals or behavior.
3 First stage ocuring In the first years and a half of life in which the mouth is the erogenous zone.
4 Traditionally associated with fire. People tend to be egocentric and extroverted.
5 Happens from about 3 years to 6 years in which child discovers sexual feelings.
6 Children who rebled against toilet training and expelled races purspeacefully.
10 Third stage occurring from about 3 to 6 years. Childrens discovered sexual feelings.
13 Stock to same paint of stage of development.
14 Develops out of a need to deal with reality.
17 Stage is dominated by...
19 The unic way which each individual think and feel.
20 Conflict in the phallic stage centers on making sexual felling.
22 Anus is the erogenous zone.
24 Traditionally associated with earth people tend to appear serious introverted.
25 Conscious mind where current awareness exist
26 Denotes the emotions and ideas that mind keeps in the unconscious.
28 The characteristics which each person born with
29 Freud believed that boys develop both sexual attraction to their...
31 He is an example of personality. (cartoon)
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