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Theory OF The Seasons OF Life Crossword Puzzle

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Theory of the Seasons of Life

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Across Down
2 Forming a Dream and give it a ____________ in the life structure
8 ______________ life structure to see if your living your dreams or not
11 First stage is called _______________________
13 Forming an ______________
14 The Seaons of Life Theory was developed by ________________________
16 The pattern or design of an individuals life
18 Individuals must leave ______________ life and prepare for adult life structure
1 Tiem for ___________ down with one life structure
3 Some combinations of occupational family and _________ roles
4 Sense of self in adult world
5 __________ stages to becoming an adult
6 Forming love relationships, marriage and _______________
7 Forming ____________ relationships
9 The third stage is _____________
10 Ends with the transition to ____________ age
12 Theory states ___________ adulthood last for 25 years
15 Begins near the end of highschool at age ________________
17 A ______________ in the parent and child relationship is emphasized
19 Second stage is called _____________ the Adult World
20 Four tasks are required to ___________ the second stage
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