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Thirteen Colonies Crossword Puzzle

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Thirteen Colonies

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Across Down
7 Took place during the 1630’s when fifty thousand settlers sailed from England to various colonies in America and the West Indies.
9 Contract of government drawn up by the leaders aboard the Mayflower organizing the group into a “civill body politick”.
10 Established in 1636 near Boston to train young men for the ministry.
11 provided that no one professing a belief in Christ would be troubled in the exercise of his religion.
13 ​Made up of ​investors who shared profits without ​sharing liabilities.
14 Governor of Georgia and was determined to create an environment of rehabilitation for those who came.
17 Wrote a constitution setting up a government for the Carolinas
23 Tried to settle on the rocky coast of Maine; after one winter the survivors went back to England.
1 the king appointed a person or persons to govern the colony ​and answer to him. A specific governor ​could then be appointed by the person or ​persons put in charge by the King.
2 governor of massachusetts bay colony
3 left the Boston area with 3 congregations to settle in the Connecticut River Valley. Each one set up its own community and developed their own governments.
4 Believed that each local congregation should be independent of all other churches and be able to worship and serve God freely.
5 crossed the ocean to worship god freely
6 A document that politically joined the river towns together.
8 Fifty-acre tracts of land to anyone who paid for their own passage to America or who fulfilled an indentu
12 A work contract for a specified time; usually 4 to 7 years.
15 A governor was appointed directly by the king and his councilors.
16 Established the first settlement called St. Mary’s named after Charles I wife.
18 Eventually ​established a colony named ​Jamestown. This became the ​first permanent English ​settlement in the New World.
19 the dutch of new netherland established a unique system of settlement
20 stood for complete seperation of church and state
21 endorced discipline that was necessary for the survival of ja,estown
22 the first permanent english settlement in the new world
23 Wanted to cleanse the church from within by passing reforms to get rid of Catholic influence.
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