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Tissues Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Plants and Animal tissue

                  G     H   O                  
                  L     I   S                  
              S   A     S   T                  
              U   N     T   E                  
              B   D     O   O                  
              E   U     L   C                  
              R   L     O   Y                  
              I   A     G   T                  
        C H O N D R O C Y T E S                
        U                   S       P H L O E M
        B                           A          
      C O L L E N C H Y M A         R          
        I                           E          
        D I F F E R E N T I A T I O N          
        A                           C          
    S C L E R E N C H Y M A         H          
        E                           Y          
      A P I C A L M E R I S T E M   M          
        I                           A          
        T R A N S L O C A T I O N              
        H             O                        
C O N N E C T I V E   R                        
        L             K                        
    E P I D E R M I S       A                  
        U                   D                  
        M E R I S T E M A T I C                
                  R     C   P                  
                  A     H   O                  
                  C     I   S                  
                  H     L   E                  
                  E     L                      
                  I     E                      
                  D     S                      
Across Down
5 Cartilage is also known as
6 Cells which have end walls with perforations
7 Cells whose cell walls are made of cellulose and pectin
8 Process which gives rise to permanent tissues
9 Plant tissue having dead cells.
10 Cells present at tips of stems and roots
11 Transportation of soluble organic compounds made during photosynthesis
13 Blood,bones,cartilage,ligaments and tendons are examples of this type of tissue
14 Present as a coating in cutin of desert plants to reduce transpiration
16 Cells which are capable of cell division
1 Epithelium that forms an inward folding
2 Study of tissues
3 Bone cells are also known as
4 Presence of this chemical in cork cells makes them impervious to water and gases
5 Cells which perform functions like protection,secretion and absorption
6 Cells located in all parts of the plant
12 Part of bark
15 Cells with fat globules
17 Water conducting tissue generally present in gymnosperms
18 Largest tendon in the body
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