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Too Many Interesting Facts About Tea Crossword Puzzle

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Too Many Interesting Facts About Tea

Us the word bank to fill in the crossword puzzle and learn about tea.

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Across Down
1 This tea should only be slurped. Slurping aerated the tea, increasing the flavor and allowing greater contact with the taste buds.
4 After water, which tea is most popular around the world?
6 This tea is often called afternoon tea and is served with a light snack before dinner near sofas and chairs
7 Loose tea remains good how long?
9 A sweet black tea from India flavored with milk, honey, ginger, cloves, and cardamom.
11 Traditionally, milk is poured in the cup before or after the tea?
13 This tea is thought to reduce fevers and ease headaches.
14 Tea was very expensive and was kept in a locked tea chest. Only ______ had a key.
16 Tea bags were invented in the United States as _________, not to be used as we us them in Ida's.
17 These two should never be used in the same cup because the lemon will curdle the milk.
19 Always use fresh water when making tea. Previously boiled water has lost_________ and will make the tea taste flat.
20 In ancient China ,tea was made into bricks and used as ___________
21 The seventh Duchess of Bedford, Anna, invited guests to tea and sweets to fill the long period between breakfast and dinner. This was the beginning of ______________.
23 Earl Grey was named after a 19th century _________________diplomat in China.
24 The first public gathering place where women were allowed to move X with men publicly, without scandal and criticism.
25 Tea absorbs moisture, so it is important to keep it in ___________.
27 The best green tea is from _______
28 Tea arrived in Russian when the _________ embassy in Moscow presented it as a gift.
31 Tea was imported to Canada in 1716 by the ___________.
34 The four major kinda of tea are green, black, white, and ?
35 During World War II tea began to be imported from _________]. And so black tea became the most popular.
2 These are not made from the leaves of a plant but from its roots, flowers , seeds, or fruits. Tea is made from leaves.
3 Tea bags lose their flavor and quality after ___________________.
5 For centuries tea was used only as _________. It took almost 3,000 years before it became a everyday drink.
7 This is the time traditional English tea is served.
8 Tea was introduced in England in 1662 Charles II married Catherine of Braganze. Her dowry included chests of tea. Catherine was f om the country of _____________.
10 In 1877, iced tea was invented because tea wasn't selling because the weather was too _______
12 The special name given when tea leaves uncurl as hot water is poured over them?
15 What piece in a formal tea service that holds the discarded hot water that was used to warm the teapot?
18 Legend has it that tea was first discovered in ______ by accident.
22 A tea that is thought to help with colds and morning sickness- not that anyone reading this would get tha.
26 This tea is not fermented. It is steamed and then heated to remove the moisture.
27 Black tea is produced when the leaves are _________ and then heated to remove the moisture. The leaves the turn black.
29 When making tea pour ____________ into the pot to warm it before you make the tea.
30 In the late 1800s green tea was the most popular in the United States. The sources for this tea were not available during ?
31 Foods are eaten during this tea.
32 This tea can be brewed three times.
33 Different kinds of tea are created by the way the leaves are ___________
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