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Trees & Forests Crossword Puzzle

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Trees & Forests

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Across Down
2 little holes on the underside of leaves which allow gases to pass
3 an inter related network of food chains in an ecosystem
5 green substance in the leaves of plants that traps light energy used in photosynthesis
6 an area of living and non living things that form an environment
7 the top branches of leaves and trees in a forest
8 the non living wood making up most of a tree stem which strengthens the stem
9 trees and plants that lose their leaves every autumn
11 a plant eating organism
12 tiny tubes in a plant's trunk that carry water & minerals upward from the roots
13 non living things of an environment
14 living components of an environment
16 the top of a tree which forms the canopy
17 visible outer tree covering that protects the inside
1 a tree which bears cones and has needles (ie pine, spruce, fir) aka evergreens
4 the process by which a tree makes its own food (sugar)
10 a young tree
11 a preferred place where a plant or animal lives
15 growing part of a tree where cells form wood
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