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Triple Crown Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Triple Crown

All answers are as of 2020

          J O E D A V I S         K   P                
              R                   I   A                
    J O E P E R R Y               R   U                
              I                   K   L                
              E                   S   H                
              M A R K S E L B Y   T   U                
              A                   E   N                
        J O H N P A R R O T T     V   T H E R O C K E T
              S   N               E   E                
          P     S T E P H E N H E N D R Y              
S I X T I E S     H               S                    
          T       O                                    
          E   D E N N I S T A Y L O R                  
          R       Y                 A                  
          E   J I M M Y W H I T E   Y                  
          B       C                 R                  
          D       G     D           E                  
        J O H N H I G G I N S       A                  
          N       L     N   I       R                  
                  L     G   X       D                  
                        J           O                  
                        U           N                  
                    H O N G K O N G                    
                      J U D D T R U M P                
Across Down
2 Which player has won the most World Championships since 1936?
5 The runner up in the 2017 Masters
6 Against whom did Ronnie O'Sullivan score a maximum break in the 2006 UK Championship semi final?
7 The winner of the World Championship in 1991
9 The nickname of the person who lost to Stephen Hendry in the 2002 World Championship semi final
11 Who holds the record for the most World Championships?
12 The decade that John Pulman dominated the world championships
13 Runner Up to Terry Griffiths in the 1979 World Championship
15 The player who has taken part in the most World Championship finals without winning
17 This player made a 147 in the 2020 World Championship against Kurt Maflin
19 Name the country that Ng On Yee comes from (one of the only women to qualify for the World Championship)
20 This player won the 2011 UK Championship
1 Who was the only South African player to get into a World Championship final?
3 He made a 147 in the 1984 Masters
4 The player who won the Masters in 2001, 2002, 2004
8 He was knocked out in the 2020 World Championship semi final against Kyren Wilson
10 The colour blind snooker player who won the 2002 World Championship
14 Who is the oldest player to win a World Championship (he was 45)
16 The player who lost to Mark Selby in the 2016 World final
18 How many times has Steve Davis won the UK championship?
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