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Tropical Rainforests Crossword Puzzle

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Tropical Rainforests

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Across Down
4 What provides tall rainforest trees with support?
6 Where are rainforests located?
8 The atmosphere in the rainforest is...
9 Very large leaves are grown here to absorb as much sunlight as possible.
10 What is the biggest rainforest ?
11 What percentage of sunlight reaches the forest floor?
15 What is the name of the rainforest plant which helps childhood leukaemia?
16 Fallen leaves, dead animals and plants decay very quickly here.
17 It has strong claws to grip onto trees and branches easily.
19 What leaves have a waxy surface and pointed tips at the end?
20 Thick waxy leaves are found in the...layer.
1 What is the percentage of the world’s animals and plants which live in the rainforest?
2 The busiest part of the rainforest is...
3 What is another word for an air plant?
5 How many species of trees roughly grow in one hectare?
7 Which rainforest is the least explored?
12 What fruit is very common in rainforests and attract many animals?
13 How many meters are most trees in the top layer of the rainforest?
14 What has a long tail to help it to climb trees and balance?
18 How man seasons does the rainforest have.
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