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Types OF Christ Crossword Puzzle

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Types of Christ

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1 Like Christ, a representative of all of humanity.
4 The mightiest of the judges, or warriors, of God; defeated more of Israel’s enemies in death than in life.
6 Prefigured Jesus by being in the belly of the whale for three days, and emerging again; Christ was in the belly of death for three days and emerged from the tomb victorious.
7 A son of David, just as Jesus was called the Son of David; he built the Temple just as Christ built the true Temple through His death and resurrection.
8 Like Christ, he ‘had nowhere to lay his head.’ He is the original stranger and foreigner. All the promises made to him were fulfilled in Christ.
11 Called the people to repentance, and like Jesus, a man of suffering and sorrow.
12 Suffered unjustly and then was exalted to save his brethren with miraculous grain.
13 His birth was the result of supernatural power; he is the only other human sacrifice that God commanded anywhere in Scripture.
15 His name means ‘rest,’ and God gave him the mandate to be fruitful and re-multiply, just like Adam.
2 Besides Christ, the only other mediator between God and man in salvation history; redeemer and law-giver.
3 Prefigured Christ by leading God’s people into the Promised Land, their inheritance, just as Christ leads us to our true inheritance – the kingdom of God.
5 The only person in the Old Testament to hold the double office of priest and king; Christ is prophet as well as prophet and king.
6 A righteous sufferer who, like Christ, was tempted by the devil.
9 Like Christ, a shepherd from Bethlehem, and the mightiest king of the people of Israel; united Israel.
10 An example of exceptional righteousness.
14 As Christ did on the cross, he suffered for righteousness’ sake.
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