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U.s History Crossword Puzzle

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U.S History

Just Do It!!!!!!

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Across Down
6 A person who has come from another country and has not yet become a citizen
8 A policy of not choosing sides in a war or dispute between other countries.
9 The part of government that “executes” (carries out) the laws.
13 The feeling of being weighed down or held back by severe and unfair force.
15 A person who favors abolition, the ending of slavery.
16 Laws that control the way goods, food, and drugs are produced and sold to the public
18 A formal agreement between nations
19 A large area of privately owned land where crops were grown through the labor of workers, usually slaves, who lived on the land.
22 A written plan that provides the basic framework of a government
25 A tax imposed by the government on goods imported from another country.
1 To refuse to buy one or more goods from a certain source. Also an organized refusal by many people.
2 The unjust use of government power. A ruler who uses power in this way is called a tyrant.
3 A person who flees or tries to escape
4 African Americans who had been set free from slavery.
5 A proposed law
7 The birth and growth of businesses that make and distribute products through the use of machinery.
10 Crops, such as tobacco, sugar, and cotton, raised in large quantities in order to be sold for profit
11 A government order that stops merchant ships from leaving or entering a country's ports
12 The way a society organizes the manufacture and exchange of things of value, food, products, and services
14 A formal, written request
17 To reject a proposed law or bill
20 A system where citizens elect a representatives to make and carry out laws
21 To refuse to recognize a federal law. This action by a state is called nullification.
23 To withdraw from an organization or alliance; in this case, to withdraw from the United States
24 To formally accuse an official of a crime related to official duties
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