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US Government Crossword Puzzle

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US Government

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6 Attempt by organizations or by individuals to influence the passage, defeat, or contents of legislation and the administrative decisions of government
7 John Boehner
9 A situation in which one major political party controls the presidency and the other controls the chambers of Congress
10 Rights that the Constitution does not specifically mention, but may be implied by the rights that are enumerated
11 Agreement between big states and small states stating that the senate shall have 2 state reps while the house will have a certain amount of representative determined by population
12 federal funds to states or local governments for specific programs or projects
13 Drawing of legislative district boundary lines for the purpose of obtaining partisan or factional advantage
14 Made of Two separate chambers or assemblies
17 Policy in job hiring that gives special consideration or compensatory treatment to traditionally disadvantaged groups in an effort to overcome present effects of past discrimination
24 Power of the Supreme Court to declare unconstitutional federal or state laws and the other acts of government
1 A tactics used to give supporters of a presidency, political positions
2 Responsibility Congress has for following up on laws it has enacted to ensure that they are being enforced and administered in the way in which they were intended
3 A meeting of the members of a legislative body who are members of a particular political party, to select candidates or decide policy
4 Political party other than the two major political parties
5 Federal funds to states and local governments for general functional areas, such as criminal justice or mental health programs
7 money that can be spent by a political party on grass-roots organizations; must be deposited in a party's non-federal (state-level) bank accounts
8 First amendment proposition saying that government shall make no law prohibiting the free practice of religion
15 The ability to veto certain parts of a legislative bill
16 An existing holder of political power
18 Passage, by Congress, of a spending bill, specifying the same amount of authorized funds that actually will be allocated for an agency's use
19 Three way alliance among legislators, bureaucrats, and interest groups to make or preserve policies that benefit their respective interests
20 A primary in which only registered members of a particular political party can vote
21 Brief, memorable comment that easily can be fit into news broadcasts
22 Used in the senate to halt action on a bill
23 money given directly to a candidate in an election to assist his or her campaign
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