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US History Crossword Puzzle

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US History

Chapter 13 Review

          1                   2     3                          
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          9 10                                                  
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                21                 22   23         24              
                      26   27                                    
Across Down
5 Site of Kansas massacre of proslavery settlers
6 Members of a certain antislavery political group
8 Madman of Pottawatomie and Harpers Ferry
9 Destination of a rush of people in 1849
12 Escape route for fugitive slaves
16 Proposed a last-minute unsuccessful compromise
17 Constitutional Union candidate of 1860
19 Fort of first fire
20 Douglasís act introduced to promote railroad interests
21 Influential abolitionist novel
24 Swiss rancher who lost his land to gold rush fever
25 The South threatened this if Lincoln won in 1860.
28 Party offering two candidates in 1860
29 Wrote a successful piece of abolitionist literature
30 Their party split and died in the 1850s
1 Sovereignty that let residents decide slavery issue
2 Won a narrow victory in the 1848 election
3 Senator bloodied by Brooks
4 Non-Republican, pro-Union party of 1860
7 State of great 1858 debates
8 Democratic victor in 1856
10 He was 'honest.'
11 Douglas's 'Doctrine'
13 Slave who was refused freedom by the Supreme Court
14 Chief justice during Dred Scott decision
15 His proviso failed to limit slavery in Mexican Cession.
18 Site of tensions between proslavery border ruffians and antislavery free-staters
22 Famous conductor on the Underground Railroad
23 SC representative who broke his cane
26 Brown attempted to incite a slave revolt at this ferry.
27 Debated Douglas in 1858 and defeated him in 1860
28 President of the Confederate States of America
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