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Vietnam War Crossword Puzzle

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Vietnam War

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Across Down
2 When a government selects particular civilians to fight in a war.
4 Independent army force. Relies on close-quarters conflict and ambush tactics.
6 The president that sent the first American combat troops to Vietnam in 1965.
7 The largest and most important house where justice is served.
8 Mostly.
10 Every single detail has been addressed
11 Communist half.
12 Typically, a protest where an individual set him/herself on fire and burns to death.
13 To ban something.
14 Communist revolutionary leader. Also another name used for Saigon, Vietnam’s capital.
15 Surprising. Not seen before.
16 Anti-communist half.
18 Making things right again.
20 When certain information is not allowed into the media.
21 Our country has been allies with them for many years.
24 To mix-the opposite of segregation.
25 When the government enforces the law through physical force or violence.
26 When the people of a country vote on whether or not they will change part of the constitution (legal bedrock).
28 Weapon-burns everything.
29 Stopped.
1 Land/territory that has recognised “owners” and social structures.
2 When a conscripted civilian refuses to go to war because they don’t agree with the cause of the war.
3 Media (posters, songs, books) that is designed specifically to affect the behaviour of a population.
5 Country that we live in.
9 Temporary ban.
17 “Somebody who writes news, stuff…” -Salv, 2016-
19 Poison used as a weapon during the war.
22 A country’s representation located overseas.
23 North-Vietnamese troops.
27 Southern America, noted for its conservative attitudes.
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