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Vietnam War Part 1 Crossword Puzzle

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Vietnam War Part 1

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Across Down
2 The General in charge of Vietcong military operations during most of the conflict was ___________________
4 President Nixon’s purpose for bombing raids into Cambodia was to destroy Vietcong
9 The play about Vietnam that set records while on Broadway was titled ____________________________
10 The Communist leader of North Vietnam until his death in September 1969 was ______________________
11 During the Nixon Administration, the draft was replaced by a more equitable system called the
12 President Clinton granted full _______________ relations between the US and the Republic of Vietnam
14 Nixon’s Attorney General Mitchell was not convicted of ______________during Watergate
15 For each $1 of damage inflicted on the Vietcong, the United States spent over____________ dollars
17 During the Vietnam Period the first intermixed Rock Band to rise to the top of the charts was ___________
18 CIA or the Central Intelligence Agency was created by Congress during the ____________Administration
19 US Commander William Westmoreland’s strategy for defeating the Vietcong was called________________
20 Determined to gain control of the conflict President Johnson met with leaders of Vietnam in ______________
21 SEATO or the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization was the work of diplomat-------------------------------
23 The government program to gain support for the Vietnam War effort was called Operation ____________
25 Stanly Kubrek directed __________________________________________________________about Vietnam
26 The 59 teams of the Revolutionary Development program were trained in _________ and Social Services
27 In the Republican Presidential victory of 1968 Richard Nixon defeated_____________________
28 Of the 106,000 Draft Evaders that were eligible to return to legal life only ___________ thousand applied
29 The 1988 Best Picture Academy Award winning movie about Vietnam was ________________________
31 The report that covered the Assassination of John F. Kennedy was titled the ____________________Report
33 The new President, Ford, in September 1974 issued a ___________________for former President Nixon
35 Escalation of the bombing of North Vietnam in February 1965 was code named_________________________
39 As a student in England, future President _____________ was involved in protest marches against Vietnam
43 In the landslide presidential victory of 1964 Lyndon Johnson defeated___________
45 A huge Vietcong Supply Base was found by United States forces in Cambodia called ____________________
46 US Citizens that favored the war in Vietnam were called_______________________________
47 After leaving the Presidency, Clinton became the first US President to ________ after the conflict
48 Gerald R. Ford is the nation’s only _________________________President
49 During Tet, the Vietcong were able to break into the protected and wall compound of the _______________
1 As the longest armed conflict in US History, involvement in Vietnam lasted ___________________years
3 President Kennedy and Johnson’s Secretary of Defense that now reveals Vietnam was a mistake was_______
4 During Vietnam, it was reputed that CIA operatives worked under the fictitious names of _______________
5 Cedar Falls was the codename for United States’ operations in the ___________________________
6 Early in 1975, Congress rejected President Ford’s request for $700 Million in Aid to __________________
7 On October 10, 1973, Nixon’s Vice President, Spiro T. Agnew resigned and was replaced by
8 After Nixon’s resignation, the new President was approved under guidelines laid out by ______Amendment
13 The total number of United States ground forces involved in the Vietnam Conflict totaled over ____________
16 Gerald R. Ford, before becoming Vice President served in the
22 The Vietnamese Lunar Holiday is called
24 President Johnson’s Domestic programs were called the _________________________________________
30 Special Watergate Prosecutor, Archibald Cox was replaced by
32 The cost of a B-52 Bombing mission during the Vietnam conflict was about _______ thousand a mission
34 Vietnam generation Americans are the most recognized group of the Post World War II______________
36 President Carter supported the struggle for _____________________________________________________
37 President Johnson was _________to help the people of Vietnam
38 On August 9, 1974, President Richard Milhouse Nixon, 37th President
40 The Nixon tapes revealed that as President he had approved the
41 John Dean III, a Nixon aid revealed the ______________ during the Watergate Hearings
42 Future President Gerald R. Ford served on the Committee investigating the Assassination of ____________
44 Carter’s first major decision as President was to pardon all remaining Vietnam Era ___________________
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