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Volcanoes Crossword Puzzle

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Complete the puzzle

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Across Down
3 Dense, superheated cloud of gases and pyroclastic materials taht moves rapidly downhill
5 A large, crater-shaped basin formed after the top of a volcano collapses
6 A volcano made of layers of hardened lava flows and pyroclastic materials
8 Magma that reaches Earth's surface
9 Shield-shaped volcano with a broad base and gently sloped side made of basaltic lava
10 Areas of volcanic activity taht result from plumes of hot solid material that have risen from deep within Earth's mantls
11 Cone-shaped volcano formed from lava fragments that have been ejected from a volcanic vent
12 Resistance to flow
13 Lava that cools underwater, taking on a distintive pillow-like shape
14 A plateau formed from basaltic lava pouring from a crack or fissure in Earth's surface
1 Fast-moving mudflow that occurs when the heat associated with volcanic eruption melts snow and ice
2 Opening in Earth's crust through which molten rock, gases and ash erupt
3 Solid rock fragments taht are ejected during a volcanic eruption
4 Lava with smooth, ropelike surfaces
7 Solidified basaltic lava flow on land that has formed with rough, jagged surfaces
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