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War OF 1812 Crossword Puzzle Answer

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War of 1812

crossword puzzle

                                            B L U F F     T      
                          A I D E           R             R      
                              I       U P H I L L         U      
                          M U S K E T       T             C      
                              G           D I M   B A I T E D    
                              U   A         S       M           C
                  S           I   B L O C K H O U S E           A
        D E B T   N           S   O                 R A T I O N S
              E   E   S     D E P R E S S I O N     I           T
          B A R R A C K S         I                 C            
S H R I L L   R   K   U   I N T E G R I T Y       F A M I N E    
          U   A       L           I                 N            
          S   I   T   L       V E N A G E A N C E         G      
          T   N   E   K   M       A   L   T   A           R      
  V O L L E Y     N A I T I O N A L   I   T   N       W E A R Y  
          R       S   N   L     L     M   A   A     D     Z      
                  I   G   I     L     P   C   D E F E N C E S    
                  O       T     I     S   K   I     S     D      
              L A N D     I     E     E   S   A     E            
                        W A R   S             N     R            
                                                    T O W N      
Across Down
1 To deceive
3 An assistant to an important person
5 Opposite of downhill
6 A type of gun used in the war of 1812
7 Not very well lit
8 Rhymes with hated
13 Another word for small military fort
14 The state of owing something
16 We have to use are ______ wisely
18 Another word for economic crisis
19 A building used to house soldiers
20 A high-pitched scream
21 Another word for unity
22 A severe shortage of food
24 Otherwise known as payback
30 a grouping of shots
31 ________ anthem
33 To be disorientated and tired
35 Opposite of offences
36 Opposite of water
37 _______ of 1812
38 Another word for city
1 Were another country in the war of 1812
2 Another way of creating peace
4 Another word for camoflage
9 One side in the war of 1812
10 Someone who believes in spiritual existence
11 Cause light to appear on a surface
12 Another word for stalking
15 Another word for landscape
17 To avoid doing work by pretending to be incapacitated
19 A loud aggressive talk
23 There was ______ in the air
25 A momentary or partial view
26 We have to plan are _________
27 First was settled by french people
28 A synonym for skimmed
29 A soldier who was not trained very well and is also a volunteer
32 An alliance between nations to fight a common enemy
34 Were going to have to________ you
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