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Water Cycles Crossword Puzzle

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Water Cycles

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Across Down
3 The temperature at which a body of air at a given atmospheric pressure becomes fully saturated and condenses.
6 set of interrelated components which are connected together to form a working unit or unified whole.
7 99% of all freshwater ice is stored in Antarctica and...
8 The catchment area from which a river system obtains its supplies of water.
9 When water is transferred to a river quickly the resultant hydrograph is described as... and it is more likely to flood.
10 Lessening or reversing the effect of an original change.
12 Snowball effect, continuing or even accelerating a change in a system.
13 Where there is transfer of energy, but not matter with the surroundings e.g. Planet Earth
15 90% of the water in the atmosphere comes from evaporation, the other 10% comes from...
16 The movement of water from the surface downwards into the soil.
17 Water droplets must condense on even tinier dust, salt, or smoke particles to form...
19 Rocks such as clays which contibute to a flahy hydrograph.
20 .... sided drainage basins cause water to reach the river channel more quickly.
1 The process of snow and ice changing into water vapour in the air without first melting into water.
2 All the ice on Earth.
4 Preciptiation = O (runoff) + Evapotranspiration +/- Storage of water
5 Underground water store
8 When input and output flows balance each other out, resulting in a steady state for the system.
11 The time delay between peak rainfall and peak discharge.
14 The imaginary line that separates adjacent drainage basins.
15 The water that moves down-slope through soil.
18 The percentage of water stored as saline sea water.
19 The form that about 68% of the world's water is stored.
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