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Water Pollution Crossword Puzzle

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Water Pollution

Complete the following crossword puzzle over water pollution.

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Across Down
5 What is to improve according to federal laws such as the Clean Water Act (two words)
7 At least 85 percent of ocean pollution comes from this source (two words)
8 The type of pollution that may result from aging underground storage tanks that leak
9 The process that allows contaminants to reach an aquifer from unlined landfills and industrial wastewater lagoons
13 Process in which organic matter builds up in a body of water causing an abundance of nutrients
17 The substance added to disinfect the water before it is released into a body of water
18 The type of pollution that can occur when power plants and other industries discharge warm water into a lake or river
19 The river in Cleveland, Ohio that was so polluted that it caught on fire and burned for several days in 1969
1 The levels of this gas decreases with thermal pollution or due to algal blooms
2 The type of source pollution that is responsible for 96 percent of polluted bodies of water in the US
3 The buildup of pollutants at higher levels of the food chain
4 The tank in which wastewater is mixed with oxygen and bacteria
6 Water that contains waste from homes or industry
9 The type of source pollution in which pollution is discharged from a single source
10 The largest source of nutrients that cause artificial eutrophication
11 Plant nutrient responsible for algal blooms
12 The solid material that remains after the treatment of wastewater (two words)
14 Accounts for about 5 percent of oil pollution in the oceans (two words)
15 A common groundwater pollutant
16 One of the three types of agents that degrade water quality and adversely affect the organisms living there
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