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Water Resources Crossword Puzzle

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Water Resources

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  14         15                      
Across Down
3 A large natural or artificial lake used as a source of water supply.
4 A body of permeable rock which can contain or transmit groundwater.
5 The replenishment of an aquifer by the absorption of water.
6 The process of settling or being deposited as a sediment.
9 The exhalation of water vapor through the stomata.
10 The principle by which the total value of a physical quantity or parameter remains constant in a system which is not subject to external influence.
12 The conversion of vapor to a liquid.
13 The process of removing salt from seawater.
14 The process of cleaning something with chemicals most of the time.
1 A process in which come out of suspension in the form of floc or flake.
2 The action or process of a liquid.
7 Excessive richness of nutrients in a lake or other body of water.
8 Able to be maintained at a certain rate or level.
11 Water held underground in the soil.
15 The action or process of filtering something.
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