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Water Systems Crossword Puzzle Answer

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Water Systems

                  A       W                      
      R     M     T       E                      
      E     E     E       T                      
      M     L     R       L                      
      O     T     T       A                      
      V     I     A       N                      
      E     N     B       D     C                
  H Y D R O G E O L O G I S T   H                
        E         E           F L O C   B        
        M                       O       L        
      D E S A L I N A T I O N   R       A D D E D
        D                       I       C        
      B I O R E M E D I A T I O N   P   K        
        A                       E   E   W        
        L A K E O N T A R I O       S   A        
        A                           T   T        
        C O N T I N E N T A L D I V I D E        
        T                   I       C   R        
H E R B I C I D E           Q       I            
        O                   U       D            
        N                   I       E            
    D E P O S I T I O N     D                    
        A R C T I C O C E A N                    
        S U B L I M A T I O N                    
Across Down
6 Their job is to help manage and sustain water for future generations.
8 It is found at the bottom of the tank after alum is added.
10 _________ of water is when you turn salt water into fresh water.
11 Is heat removed or added when evaporation occurs?
12 the process of which green plants is added to remove heavy metals.
14 This is where Mississauga and Toronto get their water from.
15 This affects which direction surface water will flow down to.
17 Most frequently used to kill unwanted weeds.
18 The process of how frost is made.
19 About 80% of Canada’s surface water flows to Hudson Bay and _______.
20 An example of this process is when snow banks disappear without melting.
1 Found in between the saturated zone and the aquifer.
2 __________ acts as natural water-cleaners that help remove water and bacteria.
3 When a gas changes to liquid, heat is _____________.
4 The process when glaciers turn into water.
5 This chemical is commonly found in bleach and water treatment systems.
7 Also known as RAP.
9 Water that comes from toilets.
13 Kills unwanted bugs
16 The state of matter is which rain is in.
21 When the water is_______, tiny solids can be seen inside the water everywhere.
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