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Waves Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
3 Size of the wavelength of a first harmonic
4 Term to describe an object that does notlet light pass through it
7 What happens to the speed of a wave as it moves from a less dense to a more dense medium
8 Part of a sting that does not move in a standing wave
11 Property of a sound waver that determines pitch
12 Factor that affects the speed of vibration of a string
13 Term used to denote where light is not emitted by a element in gas spectrometry
14 What happens to some of the energy encountering a diffraction grating
16 What air does inside a violin when a string is bowed
19 n1 x sinƟ1 = n2 x sinƟ2
20 Direction of energy transmission in a wave
21 Property of a sound wave that determines loudness
23 Type of EM radiation that has a frequency between that of visible light and X rays
25 Term for using computers used with X rays to produce detailed internal images of the body
26 Flexible instrument used in medicine and industry that uses fibre optics to illuminate and image an object
27 Type of longitudinal wave form used by whales to communicate over large distances underwater
29 Wavelength = 0.5m, Frequency = 20 Hz, Velocity = ? m/s
30 An atomic form of this element with 8 neutrons instead of 6 that is used to date material using radioactive decay.
31 Positive particle in an atom's nucleus
1 Branch of medical science
2 Different forms of an atomic element that have the same number of protons but different numbers of neutrons.
3 Common eleunt carrier gas used in a gas spectrometer
5 Sound frequencies greater than 20 kHz
6 n = c / v where n = refractive index c = speed of light v = speed of wave in medium. True or False?
9 Type of light spectrum best used for examining X rays
10 Transmission down a fibre optic of high frequencypulses of light with periods of no transmission.
15 Another name for the electron shells that exist at different distances from the nucleus of an atom
17 Describes the analytical technique used to identify individual elements in compounds and mixtures of gases
18 Total Internal Reflection
22 A particle representing a quantum (a pulse) of light or other electromagnetic radiation that carries energy proportional to the radiation frequency but has zero rest mass.
24 Used to split up and diffract light projected against it
28 Colour range and width bands of light made when an element absorbs or emits light
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