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Well Known Athletes Crossword Puzzle

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Well Known Athletes

All names are last names, except if noted. And all team names are team name only.

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Across Down
5 White Sox pitcher who threw a perfect game in April
6 NC Born MLB player who hit 4 homeruns in one game
7 NFL team who was caught using the bounty system
8 NBA player who dunked over a Kia
9 NASCAR owner who recently got his 200th win as an owner
14 Presumed number 1 pick in 2012 NBA draft
15 Local NBA team who now holds the record for worst single-season win percentage
16 Asian NBA player for the New York Knicks
17 NBA team, who was favorite to win the title, that lost in the first round of playoffs
18 'Betrayed' Cleveland by signing with Miami Heat *Note=This one is first name only
19 Wake Forest baseball player who hit a inside-the-park homerun on May 17th
1 Number of series you need to win to get to the NBA finals
2 The way every professional sports league picks their players
3 Won 5 consecutive NASCAR titles
4 MLB team in Washington D.C.
10 NBA team who lost 13 straight playoff games
11 NASCAR points leader after Darlington
12 NASCAR driver who crashed into a jet dryer during the Daytona 500
13 Female NASCAR driver who does the GoDaddy.com ads *Note=This one is first name only also
18 Number 1 pick in 2012 NFL draft
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