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Wetlands Crossword Puzzle

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Across Down
1 plants that float on top of the water but their roots are not in the soil below.
4 often traps for them are set in wetlands. They're are good for eatin.
5 plants that are rooted in the soil but do not reach above the water.
7 Tropical species of this animal need mangroves for hatchery and nursery grounds and the coral reef system for food.
8 a relatively tall, emergent species of plants.
9 many live in wetlands and their croaks fill the silence.
11 specific zones that include open water, emergent, wet/dry soil and uplands.
13 plants that are rooted in the soil but reach above water.
14 also have cool and wet climates but are more productive.
2 one of the challenges animals face, is surviving the wetland environment.
3 acidic, unproductive wetlands that have cool and wet climates.
6 another word for freshwater wetlands.
10 the most productive wetlands and are usually dominated by tall plants.
12 forested wetlands, seasonally or permently flooded, sometimes dominated by tree-sized plants.
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