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What Baby Needs Crossword Puzzle

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What Baby Needs

  1 2                                                
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Across Down
1 baby's first eating utensil
4 paternal parent
5 a device to sway or move backward and forward
9 'old school' way to disinfect bottles
10 an outer covering for feet
12 protective pants made of rubber and elastic at waist and leg openings to keep moisture from escaping
13 an instrument for measuring temperatures
14 tools for grooming hair
16 consoling furniture
17 belch catcher
19 dry powder mixed with water that baby drinks for nourishment
22 maternal parent
24 a tool for cutting or trimming the thin, horny growth at the end of fingers and toes
26 a cleaning tool with bristles
29 There's no place like ________!
30 large soft terry cloth to dry with after bath
31 where you house dirty diapers
32 cleaning cloths for baby when soiled
33 cloth with fastener around neck to keep clothes clean while feeding baby
34 any grain used for food
35 small sticks with cotton ends to carefully clear out ears or nose
36 sudsy hair cleaner
2 a nipple or teething ring for babies
3 electronic device to keep a watchful eye on baby
4 a soft, absorbent cloth folded and arranged between the legs and around the waist of a baby
6 ointment which is spread on baby's bottom
7 small bed with high sides for baby
8 a narrow-necked container for liquids
11 natural way to feed offspring
13 a small child - slang for toddler
15 a substance used with water to produce suds for washing
18 baby's first chest garment
20 a large piece of cloth to cover or envelope
21 baby's first way to eat the fruit to 'keep the doctor away...'
23 cloth hand coverings for baby so s/he doesn't scratch herself/himself
25 'old school' diaper fastener
26 vessel in which baby is cleaned
27 baby's first foot garments
28 a baby's chair with long legs and, usually, a tray for food
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