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White Fang Crossword Puzzle

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White Fang

                          1     2      
            6 7                        
          11       12   13                
  14   15                                
Across Down
3 to complain in an annoying, crying voice
5 to move forward at a speed that is faster than a walk and slower than a canter
6 the quality of staying with or supporting a particular person, organization or belief
8 in a way that is very important for the final result of a particular situation
9 the people, things or time that remain
10 ​in a way that shows strong feelings; with a lot of activity or determination
11 it turns into a position in which the top of it is where the bottom of it normally is or on its side
16 ​in a violent and aggressive way that causes great harm
1 to hit your foot against something while you are walking or running and almost fall
2 to love somebody/something very much and want to protect them or it
4 to make a sudden move
7 in a worried or frightened way because you think something unpleasant may happen
12 to make an animal, bird, etc. not afraid of people and used to living with them
13 to think about somebody/something in a particular way
14 the people, things or time that remain
15 to breathe quickly with short breaths, usually with your mouth open
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