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Wind And Deserts, Oceans And Shoelines Crossword Puzzle

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Wind and Deserts, Oceans and Shoelines

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Across Down
2 structure pier/wharf influences current/tide, protects harbor or shoreline from erosion
6 caused by wave/current action, primary method of sediment transport on beach
7 crescent-shaped dune, tips point downwind, constant wind, limited sand, most mobile
8 dune that forms long ridges perpendicular to wind direction, abundant sand
9 elevated level of flat land
10 left behind after wind has removed finer grain material, protects underlying material
12 beveled surface that slopes gently seaward formed by erosion/retreat of sea cliff
14 dune in coastal areas, abundant sand, tips point upwind, has vegetation
16 long narrow island of sand parallel to shoreline but separated from land by lagoon
1 spit that has grown till it closes off bay from open sea or lake
3 stones with shape modified by abrasion
4 part of shoreline, often bounded by cliffs that extend out into sea/lake
5 structures built at right angles by residents to interrupt flow of longshore currents
6 dune with long, parallel ridges of sand parallel to wind direction, common in Egypt
11 barrier that protects harbor or shore from full impact of waves
13 type of spit extends out from shoreline, connects mainland with an island
15 broad flat-topped erosional remnant with steep slopes on all sides
16 steep sided pointy hill formed when cap rock is breached and underlying rocks erode
17 finger-like projection of a beach into body of water such as a bay
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