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Women IN The Revolution Crossword Puzzle

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Women In The Revolution

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Across Down
3 Taught her son george how to be respectful and how to lead a good army. George said that if he didnít have such a disciplined childhood, then he would have never joined the army
6 Wrote her opinions down in a journal and shared them with men and women in surrounding towns
7 A women who helped the troops fight for their independence undercover
8 Donated $300,000 to the troops and their cause
9 Had a plantation in South Carolina, so she knew a lot about the land, so she provided the solders with secret trails, and geographical maps about the land
11 She aided the sick and helped the injured. Gave up her whole life and devoted to helping war heros
12 Women who dressed up as men and joined the military, and fought for their independence
13 A famous spy
14 What women provided soldiers with during the war
15 Known as the female paul revere because she through Putnam and Dutchess Counties to warn the militia that British troops were burning Danbury, Connecticut
16 Stopped british soldiers from checking her house for stolen goods, gave colonist hope
1 a woman who sews
2 These people made meals for the soldiers, and made sure they were well fed
3 Followed her husband and cooked, washed laundry and did whatever he needed to be done without refusing
4 Women who cleaned up soldiers and took care of them when they were hurt
5 Women who cleaned up after the soldiers and took care of the kids
10 Wife of john adams, had impact on his decisions
15 Women who worked under cover, and fed colonist information
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