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World Biomes Crossword Puzzle

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World Biomes

Complete the Crossword Puzzle

                              2         3      
                          5                   6
          7         8   9                      
              11 12                              
  13   14                                        
      19       20         21                      
Across Down
4 Temperature doesn't change a lot by season or between day and night
7 There are no trees and the ground is always frozen
9 A tree with very thin leaves
10 Type of Biome with many different plants.
11 Not always green
15 Land covered with grasses and other soft plants but not with bushes and trees
17 Has a very warm climate and receives less than 25 centimeters of sporadic rainfall annually
18 Trees always keep their leaves
20 Tree typically found in a Tropical Rainforest
22 Thera are lots of trees
1 More than one cactus
2 Opposite of Steppes
3 Land of warm regions that is covered with grass and only a few shrubs and trees
5 Type of low vegetation
6 Leaves on a Brad-leaved tree are_________
8 You can find it in Savannas
12 High precipitation which is regular throughout the year.
13 Is good friends with moss
14 A regional or global land area that is characterized by its flora and fauna
16 Area with short grasses
19 Looks like a tree but a tree is bigger
21 Extreme temperature between day and night
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