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World Cup Event Crossword Puzzle

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World Cup Event

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                            28 29                      
Across Down
1 Captain of Australia (NWC)
2 The Australian cricket team are known for this sort of green (CWC)
5 max score from a single hit (CWC)
6 Winning team at the AWC
7 Aust had a cheek in naming this coach (RWC)
8 Coach of Australia (NWC)
13 A rug of another name would play differently but is not this rug (RWC)
15 While RWC 2015 is primarily hosted in England, some matches are played here. (RWC)
17 a often hard to understand rule in AWC
19 This Aust team is full of hard rocks (NWC)
21 An African nation that competes in the NWC
22 Runner up at AWC (init)
25 Hopes to be captain (RWC)
26 Australia's final position in the CWC
28 A dog of a nic name for a young captain (CWC)
1 last person in defence (AWC)
3 Australian coach was a vital cog in lui of tactics (AWC)
4 winning score in AWC final
6 NZ Netball team (NWC)
9 current champions (RWC)
10 number of players on the field (AWC)
11 Spiders have partly named the RWC - Ellis
12 All players wear one (NWC)
14 Otfen a dry place for a fielding position (NWC)
16 all do this (CWC)
18 When boundaries are crossed (CWC)
19 As a coach of cricket, he is partly daring (CWC)
20 Sometimes referred to as football (AWC)
23 some do this (CWC)
24 only two are certain to do this (CWC)
27 some fall over to field here (CWC)
29 This team is in pool A with Australia (RWC)
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