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World OF Football Crossword Puzzle Answer

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World of Football

Complete the crossword below

                B E R G K A M P                
              F R A N K F U R T                
        G O T Z E   L   B     L                
                L E I C E S T E R              
    R O S A R I O   V   N     H   J            
                N   E   F     M   U            
  V A L E N C I A   R   I     A   V            
          E         P   C   I N T E R M I L A N
          D         O   A     N   N            
          V         O             T            
          E   C H E L S E A       U            
          D     A       I         S            
                Z       G                      
                A       H L E B                
                R       T                      
Across Down
1 Which of the following football legends has a phobia of flying?
2 Japan internationals Junichi Inamoto, Takashi Inui, Naohiro Takahara and Makoto Hasebe have all played for which Bundesliga club?
3 Who won the man of the match award for the 2014 World Cup final?
7 Which club won the English Premier league last season?
8 Lionel Messi was born in which city?
10 Gary Neville recently started his first managerial job at which Spanish club?
12 For which Italian club the German Lothar Matthaus has played for 4 years?
13 Which was the last English club to win the Europa League?
16 Which former Belarus international played for Arsenal between 2005 and 2008?
1 Which European club has the motto that means in English: 'More than a club'?
4 'The Spice Boys' was a media term for a group of young footballers in the mid-late 1990s from which football club?
5 For which Portuguese club the legendary center-forward Eusebio played?
6 Who was the goalkeeper for Arsenal during their 2003/04 undefeated season?
9 Which club have won the most Serie A titles?
11 Who is dubbed as the “Maradona of the Czech”?
14 Which player won the PFA Young Player of the Year award for 2013-14?
15 How many goals the Brazilian 'Ronaldo' scored during the 2002 World Cup?
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