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World Religions Crossword Puzzle Answer

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World Religions


                      T                   H                
          K           O     H   E   J   L E N T            
          O M         R     I   A   E     A                
          S   Q       A     J   S   S     V                
          H   U     T H E L A S T S U P P E R              
          E   R     H       B   E   S     N                
    D H A R M A W H E E L       R                          
      E       N     F                                      
      B           M O N O T H E I S T I C   S              
      R             U                       H              
F I V E           C R E S C E N T A N D S T A R            
      W             N                   H   B              
                  C O M M U N I O N     I   B              
                    B                   V   A              
                    L A K S H M I       A   T              
                  S T A R O F D A V I D                    
                  J U D G E M E N T D A Y                  
                    T                         B   F I S H  
            A L L A H       V             S   R   R        
                    S I D D A R T H A G A U T A M A        
                        I   T   H     A   N   H   N        
                        W   I   E     N   D   M   C        
                  P U J A   C   T     E   A   A   I       P
                        L   A   R     S   Y   N   S U N N I
                        I   N   I     H                   G
                            C   N   H A J J                
                    R A B B I   I                          
                            T   T                          
                            Y   Y                          
Across Down
7 Catholics give up something enjoyable for 40 days
8 a symbol of Hinduism
10 famous painting by Leondardo DaVinci of Jesus and his 12 disciples
11 a symbol of Buddhism
13 a religion that believes in one God
15 number of times Muslims pray each day
16 a symbol of Islam
18 re-enacts the last supper during church services
19 Hindu goddess of good fortune and wealth
20 a symbol of Judaism
21 a day when it will be decided if a Muslim or Christian goes to heaven, paradise, or hell
23 a symbol of Christianity
24 Arabic word for God
27 the founder of Buddhism
31 the word for prayer in Hinduism and Buddhism
33 90% of Muslims are of this branch of Islam
34 pilgrimage to Mecca
35 a Jewish minister
1 holy text of Judaism
2 place Christians hope to go after death
3 Jewish food laws
4 some Muslim women wear this covering over their hair to respect Allah
5 Christian holiday to remember the resurrection of Jesus
6 Christianity's savior or Messiah
9 holy text of Islam
10 Important teaching of Buddism
12 language the old testament and the Torah is written in
14 Judaism's holy day from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday
17 Hindu god
22 the unchanging ultimate reality for Hindus
23 name of the current Pope
25 the seat of the Roman Catholic church
26 The sabbath day for Christians
28 Hindu five day festival of lights
29 the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
30 Hindu avatar remover of obstacles
32 animal that Jews and Muslims do not eat
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