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World War 2 Crossword Puzzle

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World War 2

Use the clues given below to help you fill in the boxes

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Across Down
4 . Aboriginal-Canadian soldiers earned acclaim in the roles of _________   and reconnaissance scouts during the second World War.
5 Tommy _______ (6 spaces down) served in the Second World War and the     Korean War, spending time as a member of the Devil’s Brigade and earning 13 medals.
6 When President Roosevelt passed away, vice president Harry _______ takes his place as the new president
8 .Canadians, Americans, and British troops had to deal with these challenges on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day?
9 The leader of Italy?
10 The world’s first __________was dropped over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
14 What was the name of the plan to end WWII in Europe
15 Canada and other allied forces were sending reinforcements, replacement aircrafts and other supplies to support our allies in the battle of ________
17 What was the german tactic that they would advance with incredible speeds and attack quickly that means “lightning war”
18 In World War II, Canada's management of the ______ provided the Allies with more than 130,000 trained air crew
20 Who was the Prime Minister of Canada during world war 2?
21 Who is the leader of Germany and the NAZI party?
25 In the invasion of the Normandy beaches, what was the name of the beach the Canadians had landed at?
27 What was the fighting strategy the Canadians used to defeat the NAZIs and captured Ortona on December 28th?
1 The practice of spying or using spies, typically used by governments to obtain political and military information
2 The __________, also known as the Shoah, was the time period that started as soon as Hitler became leader of Germany
3 families on the homefront experienced sadness as mothers, fathers and brothers had gone to contribute their part to the _________
7 The Japanese sent 1,685 captured Canadian soldiers to four ____ camps where they were held and tortured
8 What was the name of the treaty that Hitler had violated that ignited the spark for WWII?
11 In the battle at the gulf of __________,German boats had breached Canadian waters, sinking 23 battleships
12 The ______________ began when North Korea invaded South Korea
13 Where did the miracle take place when more than 300,000 allied troops were rescued?
16 D-Day is best known as the largest __________ attack in human history?
19 Canada and several other countries would participate In the ___ , that was established to prevent another conflict and maintain peace
22 What country did germany invaded that started World war 2?
23 The Canadians were assigned the job of kicking the NAZI’s out of _______ , later on May 5th, 1945, the NAZI’s surrendered
24 The battle of _______ was a disastrous battle in france where allied forces lost the element of surprise
26 A secret organization where recruits are trained to become highly trained spies ( 5 spaces down
28 ___________ was the first place Canadians fought a land battle in World war II in Asia
29 The axis powers, known as italy, japan and ________
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