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World War I Crossword Puzzle

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World War I

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Across Down
2 A provision in the Treaty of Versailles by which Germany acknowledged that it alone was responsible for WW1
4 A law, enacted in 1917, that required men to register for military service
7 The principles making up President Woodrow Wilson's plan for world peace following WW1
9 Heir to the Austrian throne
10 Lead the American Expeditionary force
11 At the end of the war wanted the U.S. to become more involved with international affaires
12 An association of nations established in 1920 to promote international cooperation & peace
13 The 1919 peace treaty at the end of WW1 which established new nations, borders, & war reparations
14 The large-scale movement of African Americans from the south to the northern cities in the early 20th century
15 A kind of biased communication designed to influence peoples thoughts & actions
16 A person who refuses, on moral grounds,to participate in warfare
1 An unoccupied area between the front lines of opposing armies
3 2 laws, enacted in 1917 & 1918, that imposed harsh penalties on anyone interfering with or speaking against the U.S. participation in WW1
5 British liner that was sunk off the southern coast of Ireland
6 The compensations paid by a defeated nation for the damage or injury it inflicted during a war
8 A truce, or agreement to end an armed conflict
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