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World War I Crossword Puzzle

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World War I

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Across Down
4 Country that pledged support for Austria-Hungary
5 New technology for the war
6 Country that Great Britain supports to defeat Germany
12 Political end to WWI, signed document
13 Type of warfare used during WWI
14 Group started after WWI to solve international problems and maintain world peace
15 Economic effect of WWI, 1920's and 1930's
16 movement to unify the people of all German speaking countries
18 Policy of building up strong military forces to prepare for war
19 When one country takes over another country economically and politically
20 Title of a famous telegraph during WWI
21 Killing a political figure
1 Agreements between nations to aid and protect one another
2 Pride in or devotion to one's country
3 Political group that will seize power of Russia
7 Disaster in 1915 on the Eastern front of war
8 movement to unify all of the Slavic people
9 Country that pledged support for Serbia
10 Assassinated in 1914 in Bosnia
11 Site of a western front battle, where 60,000 British soldiers were killed in one day
17 Ship that was sunk that forced USA into war
22 The month the war ends
23 How the war was paid, what was imposed on the people to pay for the war?
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